SOJA Framework

Java framework based on JSR175, support Component Based, Model Driven support






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  • 2005-03-14 initial commit for source code.
  • Plan to complete the complete the BeanCookie and make test case runnable in this month

org.soja.core features

  • SOJA is general framework based on Java 5, By using the JSR 175 annotation, to provide a component based, model driven application framework.
  • Soja's Cookie framework provide a API and mechanism for annotate new behavior to exists javabeans.
  • Soja's Beans framework. an extensions to J2SE java.beans API, support annotation based bean model, also provide more enhance features such as hierarchy structure, dynamic property/method(like JMX DynamicMBean or ModelMBean).
  • Soja's Bean Registry. support assembler components and dependency injection. using JAXB2 to serial any POJO in a hierarchy registry.
  • Soja's Annotation framework, introduce annotations to beans via XML. any annotation can be introduce to any beans(including bootstrap classes)
  • Soja support using OSGi framework as a bundle/plugin base.

planed sub projects

  • org.soja.web project
  • org.soja.rcp project